Our Town April 2020

High Hog Farm Article


Deadlines are stressful enough, but when a pandemic changes the entire issue, it’s time to pull in your resources. Laying down a strong network over years of feature writing comes in very handy when you need a great story from a different point of view.

Interviewing and writing primarily for one county could have its drawbacks, but when that county – Gwinnett (www.Gwinnettcounty.com) is among the fastest-growing, most culturally diverse in existence – well, the world is your oyster and you just have to choose among the pearls. 

April 2020 produced a variety of pearls. Keisha Cameron of High Hog Farm had a great deal to say about growing your own food and how to become more self-sufficient as well as more of a blessing to your community. Beauty Baldwin remains everything her name indicates. Education is key to all things. And music. You must have music. The non-traditional educator, David Thomas is the key to Discovery High School’s MusicTechnology Program.

Check out these pearls and moreat: Our Town Gwinnett Magazine

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