Interviewing Gwinnett since 1991



Gwinnett Historical Society Map


Over the years – and I shall not admit to how many – there have been many brave souls who willingly sat opposite my interview chair (or on the other side of a FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Meet).

While the first steady gig in which my fan base could regularly find my musings featured was of my own invention, I did move forward with the concept of interviewing locals for feature stories and kept at it via a variety of outlets. The Grayson Gazette and Community News came about as a small town paper for, well, the small town of Grayson, GA. I would like to think it was “my paper”, but the truth of the matter was, it invented itself during a time of vast growth and a desire to better know one another through an old-fashioned, small town newspaper.

From there, I ventured into writing for The Gwinnett Citizen for a number of years. It was there that I learned what the reader – at least the local reader – really wanted. Plus, it was fun to talk to people, listen to their stories, and find out later that I had managed to tell their story to their liking.

As chance would have it, some years later, my brother needed a video editor – someone who could assist him with projects at NightGlass Media Group. The biggest plus in that freelance gig was that I got to hang out with Steve Volpert – editor extraordinaire and a whole cast of camera, production, directors, film crews, and makeup artists. The most intricate project I worked on was This undertaking was part of the bicentennial celebration that marked 200 years of Gwinnett County. At last count, I think I ended up interviewing more than 40 people.

These days, I am working on a second book with my friend and coauthor, LC Johnson. His story, Still A Soldier is one of leadership. Wow is it ever needed in these uneasy times. I’ve also been a contributing features writer for Our Town Gwinnett where I enjoy a great deal of editorial latitude. Additionally, I have entered into an exciting new venture in children’s lit with an exceptionally talented 2020 UGA grad. More about Jessica in the next blog.

In all, as I see changes in this county where I spent my formative years and still reside, the growth of the county can only lead to more interesting and globally-based subjects. So beware, if you are moving to Gwinnett or are in the midst of your own journey, you might just see me coming for an interview. Why? Because it’s my job. I interview Gwinnett.


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