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GHS Rams: Commitment

So, here’s the thing…

Last week, Grayson High School finalized a very ambitious football schedule and social media blew up!

Amidst plenty of excitement over many of the players fielding offers from some very prestigious schools, there was some underlying concern that the team might be under more stress than anticipated. The questions about how to take on the schedule and find success were enough to garner some very tough stances from coaching, players, families, and the community. The resulting consensus indicated this community never backs down.

Coach Mickey Conn’s biggest fan summed it up very nicely by reminding the community of how long and hard the GHS Ram Football Team has worked their plan. Some of the kids in this class have worked it since they were 2 or 3 “throwing a football” behind the rec league stands. Make no mistake friends, Charlie Conn (Mickey’s dad) is right when he preaches, “Mickey has always been ready for any challenge that football has to offer!”

In case anyone needs a further reminder, the following article written for The Grayson Gazette in its founding year establishes that Coach Mickey Conn has never wavered from his plans or intentions for Grayson High School football.


Beth Volpert Johansen
Freelance Writer

The Hill…

The Hill at Memorial Stadium in Terre Haute, Indiana.

The Hill at Memorial Stadium in Terre Haute, Indiana.

It isn’t about gardens today but about grass on a hill.  On the opposite side of the stands at Indiana State University’s Memorial Stadium is a grassy berm.  On football Saturdays you will find my nephew, Jeff, sitting in his chair intently watching.  Besides being a teacher he has been a football coach for many years while working with youth leagues through high school ages.  The fact that he has two sons who love the sport has just made teaching and coaching more fun, particularly on Saturday afternoons.

It is the “hill” that fascinates me.  As my brother, Jeff’s dad,  progressed through the stages of pancreatic cancer, no matter how soft the chair he brought to make the stadium seats more comfortable, he couldn’t control the sun.  It did not shine on those seats for very long on the Fall afternoons and he got cold no matter how insulated he was.

One weekend when Butch and I came up to Terre Haute to watch an ISU game that Jeff’s son, Brock, was playing in, my brother said I would find him on the hill across from the stands.  We were in the stands so I could see how the sun shined on Phil for much longer into the afternoon.  The next time we came up from Atlanta we hauled our chairs up to the hill to sit next to him. He was my big brother and I wanted as much sun on that hill to shine on both of us.

Last weekend we sat on the hill with Jeff watching his youngest son, Tsali play.  The sun felt very warm and comforting.  We know the spirit of my brother, Jeff’s dad, Tsali & Brock’s grandpa, is always there on the hill.  It was a warm Saturday afternoon.

Ditdo (aka Marianne Lough Volpert)