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A Different Drummer

NG-dummersThe work we do at NightGlass differs in creativity from many other videographers…Now We Know Why! 
Turns out, it’s the MUSIC! The NightGlass creative team are all musicians!
A recently released scientific study by Vanderbilt University psychologists helps prove how being a musician makes a difference in creative professions. In the study, researchers found that professionally trained musicians more effectively use a creative technique called divergent thinking. Musicians are also found to use both the left and the right sides of their frontal cortex more heavily than the average person. The study goes on to also state, “The researchers also found that, overall, the musicians had higher IQ scores than the non-musicians.”

Well…the jury is still out on the IQ thing, but we know this for sure, a great story or message has a beat, a rhythm, and a tempo. As a creative team with music in our veins, we’ve got that covered. But please….no long division problems.
Read the entire article at: http://bit.ly/25KWAmv